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The key to coordination is establishing partnerships with other agencies and organizations that benefit from and build on each other.  CGIA has a robust history of seeking those partnerships that will advance the goals of data sharing, data access, cost-effective data acquisition, and standards. 
Current partnerships include:

  • Outreach to professional organizations and regional GIS Groups - CGIA actively participates in meetings and committees of the NC Property Mappers Association, Carolina Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, NC Local Government Information Systems Association, and several regional groups of local governments, such as the Albemarle GIS Users Group, the Mountain Area GIS Advisory Council, and the Charlotte Metropolitan GIS Users Group.  As new regional groups form, please contact CGIA: we would be happy to participate.

  • Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) - Affiliated with US Geological Survey, the FGDC has been at the forefront of coordinating on the federal and state levels and in the development of data standards.  USGS supports a map viewer and data download platform through The National Map. The FGDC annual competitive grants have benefited CGIA and North Carolina coordination initiatives over the past 10 years .  A competitive grant for FY 2006 was awarded to CGIA to develop a business plan to sustain NC OneMap.  

  • USGS National Geospatial Programs Office - The NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council signed a 5-year partnership agreement with the NGPO to formalize a framework for cooperation “to share data, leverage investments and expenditures, enhance intergovernmental cooperation, and promote USGS assistance to states in implementing strategic and business plans that support the recommendations in the NSDI Future Directions Fifty States Initiative Action Plan, and promote USGS assistance to states in implementing strategic and business plans that support the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.”

  • Library of Congress Partnership, National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation (NDIIPP) - This partnership with NC State University Libraries is seeking solutions for managing the collection and preservation of digital geospatial records.  The Office of Archives and History in the Department of Cultural Resources is involved with the partnership.  The grant focuses on data content standards, digital rights management, streaming data, and secondary gathering and harvesting of data.  The NC OneMap program is the key to the development of successful preservation strategies because it is the organized data structure for this project. The project was extended until March 2009 to continue outreach and engagement with government agencies, conduct digital content exchange tests, and participate in NDIIPP network development.   See details.

    GeoMAPP 2008-2011. This grant paired state government archives staff with geospatial experts to investigate the issues surrounding the preservation of “at risk” geospatial content. CGIA and NC State Archives led a four year, multi-state project to explore methods for preserving at-risk geospatial data. The partners included the states of Kentucky, Montana, North Carolina and Utah along with active participation from information partners in 14 other states who participated in project meetings. Library of Congress and National Records and Archives Administration staff were active participants in the effort. The project team investigated the policies, process, inventory, technical infrastructure, storage capacity, and funding issues involved in ensuring long-term access to data. The NC OneMap program is essential to the development of successful preservation strategies because it provides the technical and social interface, i.e., the organized data structure, for geospatial archiving.

    GeoMAPP Project Deliverables See the GeoMAPP website to read the interim and final reports documenting the interim processes, technical white papers and business planning tools.

  • National States Geographic Information Council - NSGIC is an organization of States committed to efficient and effective government through the prudent adoption of geospatial information technologies.  CGIA has represented North Carolina on this council since its inception in 1991.   NSGIC is engaged in several current initiatives: the national GIS data inventory using the RAMONA tool, see GIS Inventory, Fifty States Initiative and Imagery for the Nation. In Imagery for the Nation, NSGIC is promoting a sustainable and flexible digital aerial imagery program that meets the needs of local, state, regional, tribal and federal agencies.  The GICC endorsed the Imagery for the Nation in November 2005.

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